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Landscape Design Services by Colorado Living Spaces 

How a little planning can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars…

For a Perfect Landscape - You Need to Plan it Out!
For a Perfect Landscape – You Need to Plan it Out!

Why is Landscape Design a critical piece of a landscaping project?

A design is critical to the landscaping for your home because landscaping can be expensive.  We do things a bit different than many landscaping companies.   Our design fees are relative to the design complexity of your project.

Ultimately, you need landscape design if you are doing a landscaping project!

Here is how our process works.

Couple concerned about lawnStep 1 – Assessment

In this step, we look at your landscape to imagine what is possible. This is the time for your wish list. We look at your budget, your preferences, and all the facets which go into creating a beautiful landscape design.  We will also want to know about how you will use your space and what your preferences are.  And we will share our thoughts with you as well.

We are trying to get an idea of what is feasible as much as what is desirable.  If your job costs $35,000, we want to make sure you understand the costs before you start and can see the benefits.   We strategize on ways you can get the most value for your budget.

Just like improving the inside of the home, your landscaping has many different choices between materials and layouts.  Sometimes just thinking through this with you can save you thousands of dollars.

We love to do landscape design.  We are first and foremost landscape designers.  Then we also happen to do fabulous installation work if you want us to.  Your home is your castle and the worst thing that can happen is you get halfway through a job to realize you are out of money and the landscaper can’t finish the project.

Whether you’re working with us, or not, here are some potential questions to ask your landscape designer:

  • How much are the labor costs, and what does that include?
  • Can the landscaper provide the client with references?
  • How long have they been in the landscaping business?
  • What is their experience with similar projects?
  • Who will be working on this project?
  • What will the landscapers need from the client?
  • Approximately how long will this project take?
  • What if it goes over budget?
  • Does the designer foresee any additional concerns at this time?

With Colorado Living Spaces, you can rest assured once we understand your goals, we will help you design the most amazing and beautiful landscape possible within your budget!

CLS-6Step 2 – Design Presentation & Approval

In this step, we review the plans that are based on the conversations we had while we were assessing your property.  We show you what is possible with beautiful designs and photos to make sure you have a clear understanding our thoughts for your project.  Some people object to taking the time to do the drawings as other landscapers don’t offer this service.  We believe doing a full landscaping restoration without landscape design is irresponsible and could compromise your home investment in the same way building an addition without plans would be foolish.  Once you see what we are thinking, with your input, then we work on getting the plans approved, if necessary.

backhoe-385605_640Step 3 –  Construction

You will watch the designs we did in step 2, from the assessment in step 1, come to life.  Yes, it will look like a disaster for a short time, but knowing what the ultimate goal is critical to remaining patient as the build happens.

We ensure the jobs happen according to local building codes.  We work hard to ensure the landscapes we build will last for the life of your home and not need to be redone in 3 years because we neglected improvement codes.

As the job comes together, the excitement builds as you see a beautiful dreamscape come to life.  We pride ourselves on making your landscape exactly as planned and on your budget.

outside-254716_640Step 4 –  Relax!

Now it is time to enjoy your landscape.   We are your long term partner for having the job done correctly and done beautifully.

Are you ready to enjoy your beautiful new landscape?  Call Colorado Living Spaces today to set up and appointment!

Want to see more drawings?  Click on an image below to see more of our sample work!  Check out our portfolio to see some examples of landscape designs including outdoor kitchens and decks!







Landscape Design Service in Denver

If you’re a Denver resident who dreams of a uniquely fabulous landscape, you don’t have to sharpen up your skills to do it yourself. All you have to do is call us at Colorado Living Spaces. At Colorado Living Spaces, professional landscape design is one of our specialties.

The professional landscapers in our company staff are all highly talented, trained and experienced individuals.  We’re keenly aware of the fact that peoples’ landscapes are true reflections of their personalities. If you want your landscape design to match the concept you see so vividly in your mind, our landscaping experts can make your hopes a beautiful reality.  We can successfully take on all types of landscaping projects, whether large, small or somewhere in the middle. We’re also adept at managing intricate and detailed jobs.

When we design landscapes for our clients, we take all of their needs into account first and foremost. We then carefully analyze our working space. Texture, unity, balance, color, form and sequence are all integral elements of successful landscape design. Our approach to landscape design is extremely meticulous, nuanced and comprehensive. We give all of our landscaping design projects everything we’ve got. When we’re done designing your landscape, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the lovely outdoor property you’ve always wanted.

If you’re a Denver resident who is interested in receiving first-rate professional landscape design service, call as soon as possible for more information and to perhaps even set up an appointment with us. Colorado Living Spaces is a full-service business that’s completely dedicated to customer satisfaction and fantastic work. If you want a beautiful living space that can be a sanctuary for you, contact us today to get the diligent and meticulous landscape design service you deserve so much.