cls-15Decorative Flagstone One of the decorative items used by Denver landscapers to create a beautiful lawn is flagstone that is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Adding elements of flagstone to your home’s landscaping can give it a unique appearance. Flagstone is a natural material that splits into layers when stonemasons understand the correct techniques. This stone has been used for centuries to build structures such as outbuildings, fences and pathways, and today, it is an essential part of the landscaping at a property. Modern Features When you hire professional landscapers in Denver, they are able to use a computer software program to show you several designs for a home’s lawns. It is amazing how flagstone is used to create modern features such as fire pits, supportive columns and flowerpots that are useful and gorgeous. Adding features made of flagstone can increase the value of your property, making it easier to sell in a competitive real estate market. Beautiful Colors Most flagstone is a natural tan or gray color, but there are also unusual colors such as blue or red that can provide an interesting ambience for a home’s exterior. You can request to have a home’s porches or decks made from flagstone instead of cement or wood. To prevent erosion on a property, decorative flagstone is also suitable for building retaining walls.