gardenDo you need a landscape designer or architect to complete your dream landscape design? Learning the differences among the various types of professional in the landscape design industry can ensure you choose the right person help you achieve your landscaping goals.

Although you might think the different types of landscape professionals perform the same job, that is not the case. A professionally designed landscape can not only enhance the beauty of your home but also boost your property value. With that thought in mind, what type of professional should you hire to create your dream lawn? Below, we help you to determine which type of pro is right for your landscaping project.

A landscaping professional plants new shrubbery and trees, removes and replaces existing plants, and may provide regular maintenance services, such as raking, mowing, and edging. A professional landscaping service will often provide regular seasonal services to keep your lawn looking great.

Landscape Designer
A landscape designer will work with you to design a landscape for your new home or even renovate an existing area of your current home.

Landscape Architect
A Denver landscape architect may be a good choice when you are not sure what you wish to include in your landscape design or when you have a plan in mind that will require changing the existing lay of the land. While a landscape architect may frequently work on largescale projects, he or she may also work on smaller, residential projects.

Choosing the right landscaping professional for the job can help you to achieve a beautiful landscape design you will love.