CLS-3Professional Evaluations

If your property’s landscaping is looking outdated, then contact Colorado Living Spaces for an evaluation of a building’s outdoor spaces. Professional landscapers know how to design a yard to help a home or business look its best while also providing a place for children to play or adults to cook a meal on a grill. Because your property may already have some great features such as large trees or a rolling hillside, make sure to hire landscapers who can use these features when adding new designs to a lawn.

Computer Images

A landscaper can add a deck to a backyard or plant flowers around a front porch that adds value to a business or home. When you contact Colorado Living Spaces, they can send a designer to your property to measure the outdoor area and look at the current features such as outbuildings or fences. This designer will use a computer software program to design a property’s landscaping while considering the building’s siding and rooftop colors.

Landscaping Installations

You might learn that it is easy to add gorgeous stone pathways from a building to a garage or driveway. Alternatively, a designer can show you how a property might look with a water feature such as a fountain. Additional items that a landscaper can install include gazebos for shade while having a picnic or a fire pit to sit close to in the autumn when temperatures begin to drop. In addition, a landscaper can choose foliage that is perfect for your property’s natural sunlight.