fireplace1There are several ways to upgrade a home and make it more functional year round. One of the most popular options is to add an outdoor deck because of the numerous benefits this outdoor living space provides. A deck is easily furnished to create cooking, seating or children’s play areas. With the inclusion of a BBQ grill, table and chairs, the deck enables you to host a variety of events. In addition to extra space for family activities, social gatherings or just relaxing and enjoying the weather, a deck increases the value and aesthetic appeal of a home. Less expensive than many other home improvement projects, a deck offers a better return on investment, which makes them a great option for those on a budget. The cost of a deck depends upon its size and type of materials used. It also adds an architectural design element to a home, which makes it more visually attractive. Our design team can assist in creating a beautiful deck that blends seamlessly into existing landscaping. The deck may also make a yard more functional. A deck can be added quickly without disturbing interior living spaces, making it easy to live in the home during the project as opposed to the inconvenience associated with constructing a brick-and-mortar addition. For more information and a no-obligation quote, contact Colorado Living Spaces today.