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23 Apr 2016
Garden stone path

Landscape Design Denver

Garden stone pathWalkways and patios can tend to be rather blah if they are made using ordinary cement. To give these areas some personality and style, consider flagstones. They are durable, attractive, and can be installed in a nearly limitless number of configurations. For homeowners debating walkway or patio materials, contacting a professional installer to get an idea of designs that will accent the style and landscaping of any home is a good place to start.

Flagstones come in a variety of colors, giving dull areas a splash of life. They can also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Larger stones set in a pattern give an area a feel of polish and refinement without losing the natural grace that the stones provide. Random shapes give the space a kind of “jigsaw puzzle” effect that speaks to a controlled earthiness and warmth.

Textures of flagstones also vary, allowing for another layer of individuality. A smooth, glossy stone gives an aura of clean beauty and timelessness. Rougher textures elicit a sense of hardiness and ruggedness that is a perfect compliment to a natural landscaping style.

Of course, for all this beauty to take shape, a professional landscape company is a must. Attempting to construct a patio or walkway based solely on the advice of a so-called “professional” at one of the mega home centers will likely end in disappointment.

An experienced landscape designer can turn dreams into reality and provide a work of functional art that will last for years.

19 Apr 2016

Landscape Design Denver

Xeriscaping has grown in popularity, especially in regions where water conservation is vital, and this low-maintenance style could lead the way toward future landscaping trends. Xeriscape gardens are often bordered by rock walls, which help retain moisture and keep soil in place. These walls are secured with mortar or simply arranged using a method known as drywall, in which they are positioned, firmly, without artificial bonding.

Professionally installed sprinklers not only save time and money but also conserve water by supplying irrigation necessary to keep your grass and plants healthy. And you won’t have to trample over your budding lawn with a clumsy water hose. In addition to careful watering, compost and mulch serve as primary supplements for encouraging growth by retaining moisture and keeping plants cool.

Adorned with limestone, slate, or sandstone, flagstone can add a natural look to your patio or create a path through or around your garden. Its colors are selected from a handful of earthy pastels, usually variations of browns, grays, and light blues. Its porous design allows water to permeate rather than form puddles on the surface or along its borders. Pergolas can be erected over a flagstone patio to add a stroke of elegance. They are essentially wooden pavilions standing over a patio, deck, or garden, often for shade as much as style, and occasionally accented with various flowers or plants spiraling up its posts.

Landscaping costs vary by the type and size of the job, but typically start above $10,000 and reach amounts of $100,000 or more.

19 Apr 2016

Landscape Design for Water Features

japanese gardenLandscape Design Denver

There are many water features that can instantly beautify the outside of your home and give you an oasis that you will enjoy spending time in. Professional landscape designers can help you to experience nature in a unique way by creating an outdoor space where you can relax and unwind.

Instead of an indoor aquarium, why not choose to have a pond installed in your backyard? You can enjoy this beautiful addition whenever you walk outdoors, or you may want to put benches near it so that you can sit around it comfortably. A lovely pond can be the focus of attention in your yard.

A fountain can be another great addition to your front or back yard. You can rely on a professional landscaper to install it as a focal point in your yard, and you may want to have flowers and bushes planted around it for added appeal.

A water wall is another great water feature that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. This type of garden accessory can be the centerpiece of your yard. It can be a tranquil addition to your landscape, and it can also provide shade or help divide your outdoor space. If you enjoy the look of waterfalls, a quality water wall will be a great investment.

Professional landscapers can help you to create an outdoor living space that is much more than just grass and plants. Your project can be completed in a timely manner, and your ideas mixed with an experts can lead to some fabulous results.

16 Apr 2016

Benefits of Landscape Design

CLS-3Benefits of landscape design

Taking care of your yard and landscape is time consuming, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can wind up with a poor design and plants that die off. That’s especially true in Denver, where it can be snowing one day and 80 degrees the next. That’s why it’s often worth it to hire a professional landscaping design firm.

Improve curb appeal
If you are trying to sell your home, one of the most important things to bring in buyers is to make sure you have good curb appeal. Hiring a landscape designed helps ensure that you have a lawn and landscaping that looks as good as it possibly can.

Saves you money
Though landscape design isn’t cheap it can actually save you money in the long run. You can get your landscape designed with convenience in mind, such as getting xeriscaping with native plants so you don’t have to worry about the costs of mowing, watering and fertilizing a lawn. Landscape designers can also correct problems such as poor drainage that can cause you problems down the line.

Can help with extras
If you want extras when it comes to your landscaping, many landscape design firms can help. Most landscape design firms install irrigation systems, and many also build decks, construct walkways and patios and do snow removal in the winter. It is a benefit to have someone who already knows you property do these things, because it helps ensure they are installed properly and will work the best.

15 Apr 2016

The Xeriscape Solution

Why Xeriscape?
fireplace8Denver is the city of eternal sunshine; residents enjoy about 300 sunny days a year, and the area receives only 8 to 15 inches of rainfall annually. While this may sound like heaven on earth, it wreaks havoc on water bills, especially in the summer during peak lawn-watering season. One way to drastically reduce summer watering without sacrificing beautiful landscaping is to xeriscape your property.

What Is Xeriscape?
Xeriscape is an attractive landscaping alternative that focuses on the principle of water conservation. To xeriscape your property, your landscape architect will use rocks, plants, and other features that are indigenous to the natural environment and can thrive in its climate. The result is a yard that is in harmony with its surroundings and that will save time, water, and money.

How Is It Done?
Knowledgeable landscape architects begin by helping you to create a design that you like. They will then test and improve the soil to promote ideal growing conditions. The most important element of xeriscape is choosing the plants that are adapted to the area’s climate and soil conditions, and your architect will be able to guide you in this process, as well as instruct you regarding watering needs. Xeriscape utilizes mulch around planted areas to reduce run-off and evaporation, so that no drop of water is wasted. Once your xeriscaping is complete, your landscape architect will teach you how to properly maintain it, and you can look forward to a lovely, virtually worry-free yard for years to come.

13 Apr 2016
We'd love to help you get a pergola installed!

Pergolas and Denver Landscaping

We'd love to help you get a pergola installed!
We’d love to help you get a pergola installed!

Three Compelling Reasons to Install a Backyard Pergola

Putting in a tasteful custom pergola or two is one of the best ways to make any backyard stand out. Much like a gateway arch or an arbor, a pergola is so much more than shaped wood. Installing a few pergolas around your own castle has a few major upsides.Heightened Curb Appeal

Few landscaping elements make a property look pricier with less effort than pergolas. They instantly conjure up images of a lavish country retreat wherever they’re found. When return on investment is factored in, installing pergolas around the property might be the best home upgrade you can make.

Greater Greenery & Shade

For many homeowners, the primary reason to install a pergola is to provide a support system for flora like creeping vines. They have the added benefit of creating a cool, shady spot in the yard that’s perfect for relaxing during those hot summer months.

Ease of Implementation

The best thing about pergolas is the fact that they’re so versatile when it comes to landscape design. A pergola can be a standalone structure or be integrated into an existing patio depending on your preferences. They also come in a wide array of sizes and configurations.

Making Pergolas Work for You

To get the most from pergolas, there are two things to remember. First, the pergolas that you install must be carefully selected to match the look of the property. More importantly, the project should be executed using only the most qualified landscape design professionals available.

12 Apr 2016
japanese garden

Build a Zen Garden

Ready for a Zen Garden?
Ready for a Zen Garden?

Zen Garden landscape design

The progressive yet traditional look of Japanese Zen gardens are growing in popularity today. Through professional architecture and design, your personal Zen garden can not only establish a place of absolute peace, but also create a graceful retreat that feeds creativity and re-energizes the spirit through the use of many different elements and potential features.
The traditional rock garden or “dry landscape” is the most common type of Zen garden. These stylized landscapes are miniaturized gardens composed of arranged rocks, moss, and sand or gravel that is raked to represent ripples in water. They are usually designed to make you feel as if you have gone to a different world, even when seen from outside of the garden itself. In fact, the origin of the Zen garden was to imitate the essence of nature as an aid in meditating upon the true meaning of life. It should be created to be a tranquil location to promote relaxation; a peaceful place for self-discovery and exploration of the soul.
Complex Zen gardens include water features, pruned trees and bushes, and statuary or architectural structures. Consider hiring a contractor or landscaper to do the work for you. A professional can listen to your ideas and offer excellent suggestions to aid in the design of your Zen garden. Japanese Koi ponds are a special Zen garden feature that can be most safely created by landscape contractors to ensure that the fish will live in a tranquil environment while the installation of such a momentous feature will be as minimally invasive and disruptive as possible.
11 Apr 2016

How a Landscaping Designer Denver Adds Style to Your Outdoor Space

CLS-5When you want an outdoor space where you can relax and unwind, a landscape designer Denver residents know quite well would be the best bet for your home improvement project. The Denver landscaping expert will proceed to add stylish ideas to your outdoor space, paths, and patios.

Creating a Flagstone Pathway

One of the ways the landscape designer Denver homeowners hire can beautify your outdoor space is to create a flagstone path. Flagstone from the split layers of sedimentary stone is an excellent material for paths due to its flat and thin nature. Flagstone is equally great for other landscaping projects including patios, outdoor seating areas, and walls.

Flagstone pavers installation may incorporate different shapes, colors, and thicknesses. Flagstone is a natural stone with several color palette ranging from red, brown, pink, red, orange, brown, blue, white to gold. The landscape designer Denver residents assign the landscaping project will use the material to create a stunning walkway.

The Advantage of Flagstone Paver

• The flagstone stone path can create a smooth contrast to the home compound featuring bromeliads, spider plants, ferns, elephant ears, and coral bells.

• Flagstone is affordable, durable and will also give a long-lasting visual appeal.
• Flagstone is a low maintenance material and the homeowner will need very little upkeep.

• Since flagstone has unique shapes and colors, the Denver landscape designer will use the material to give you several designs and bring a personal character to your outdoor space.

• Flagstone will endure heavy traffic.

• The landscape expert Denver can lay the flagstone as a solid surface and allow the growth of plants in between so as to provide an inviting outdoor space.

10 Apr 2016
Word cloud for Xeriscaping

Xeriscape Advantages

Word cloud for XeriscapingA beautiful lawn is nice to look at, but it also is a ton of work. There are many advantages to not having that green lawn and using xeriscaping instead. Here are a few of them.

Low maintenance
Xeriscaping involves using native plants in your landscape and doing without the grass. Your landscape designer will design a landscape for you that is appealing, and the good thing about it is that you won’t have to do much with it after that. There is no mowing and very little weeding. You also likely won’t have to worry about putting fertilizer or weed killer on it.

Good for the environment
Another big advantage of a xeriscape is that it is good for the environment. No more thirsty lawn that requires watering several times a week. And since you don’t need to apply fertilizers or pesticides, you don’t have to worry about chemicals from your lawn running off and getting into the water supply.

Saves you money
Though initially, it may be more expensive to have your xeriscaping installed by a landscape designer, in the long run it will save you money, for many of the reasons that are already mentioned. Water, fertilizers and pesticides cost money, and with a large lawn, it’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars a year. With a xeriscape, you spend a fraction of that taking care of it.

With all of these benefits, it’s hard to see why any homeowner wouldn’t want to consider hiring a landscape designer to install xeriscaping.