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13 Jun 2016

Denver Flagstone Patios

outdoord kitchenResidents in Denver looking to add an outdoor space that can be enjoyed by their family for many years to come may want to consider the installation of a flagstone patio. A flagstone patio allows homeowners lucky enough to have outdoor space to truly utilize their yard. The patio can be used for cooking out, entertaining guests, or just for the family gathering outdoors to enjoy a nice summer day. All it takes is a simple installation for you and your family to have many years of enjoyment. Flagstone patios also offer great curb appeal and add to the value of any house. When it comes to home improvements, one of the smartest investments is the installation of a flagstone patio.

The Flagstone Experts

At Colorado Living Spaces we have been installing flagstone patios for our long list of loyal Denver clients for many years. No matter the setup of your yard or your design specifications, we will be able to get the job done right, on time, and on your budget. When it comes to installing flagstone patios, we always make sure to understand the exact needs of our clients, working to ensure that we install a patio that will meet all of their specifications. This is what has made us the most trusted flagstone patio installer in the Denver region.

Get Started Today

If a flagstone patio sounds perfect to you, then all you have to do is give us a call. We will come right to your property, survey your yard, and listen to your needs for the patio, Then we will get right to work in installing your dream patio that your family will enjoy for many years to come.

12 Jun 2016

Denver Landscape Design

CLS-3Colorado’s landscapes are undeniably intricate and can be hard to deal with when you want to bring out that marvelous outlook on your home or property by yourself. Correctly done, quality landscaping can improve the value of your property by 15 percent. This underscores the importance of seeking the services of qualified Denver landscapers who have the requisite expertise to turn your landscaping project into a sight to behold. Here are some tips to help you get an ideal contractor.

Figure out what you want
Whether you are a home or commercial property owner, it is crucial that you have in mind the kind of transformation you want to see. You may want to have new landscape lighting, stone patios or water features installed in your property. Once this is settled, you can begin to look for information regarding the cost and the best service provider to do the job. A good contractor will help you break down the project into manageable bits so as to accommodate your budget.

Ensure you get a detailed and written contract
It is advisable that you get a landscape designer who will furnish you with details about the project at the onset. These include hardscape specification, the plants, and materials to be used. By the same token, you need to know about the cost of maintenance once the project is complete.

Ensure you get licensed Denver landscapers
It is essential that you get a contractor with proper certification and licensing. This will safeguard you from unscrupulous contractors whose work is sub-standard. Referrals can help you get good services and you should make good use of them as well.

11 Jun 2016

Pave Your Way to Enjoyment with Flagstone

Garden stone pathLiving in the “Mile High City” is one of life’s great pleasures. Picture sitting outside and sipping your morning cup of coffee in the fresh mountain air and enjoying the beautiful vistas. It’s a soothing balm for the soul, but doing so in a neglected outdoor living space can put a damper on things. A new walkway is one of the best ways to update your living space. A flagstone walkway can transform the appearance of a backyard while incorporating mother nature through the earthy shades that Flagstone offers. Flagstone is usually a form of a sandstone, slate and limestone; it adds a sophisticated but natural tone and feel to any area. Naturally slip resistant and durable, its beauty will last for years and years with only the bare minimum of maintenance.
Flagstone can be installed in different patterns. Irregular and random, sometimes called “crazy paving” will give off effortless grace and simplicity. A more traditional look can be accomplished by selecting rectangular stones and paving them in a reoccurring pattern. It’s a great way to personalize and customize the essence of the space.
Professional installation is important when working with flagstone, as it can become uneven if it’s not done correctly. There is a diverse assortment of ways to fill in the gap between the stones. Some people select a mortar while others will choose a more unconventional appearance and use moss.
A flagstone walkway will truly provide a very classic and timeless investment for a property.

10 Jun 2016
Couple concerned about lawn

Denver Landscape Design Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Couple concerned about lawnWhen a potential buyer looks at a property, they are considering more than just the house. Buyers today expect to have a well-landscaped yard. Simply investing in a quality Denver landscape design could easily improve your home’s value by as much as fifteen percent. In many cases, it may increase even more than this. However, leaving your landscape bare, you can be sure your home will sit on the market longer and, when it does sell, it may be for a lower price.

Investing in a quality landscape design is necessary if you want your home to stand out above others on the market. Simply planting a tree and putting in a couple of flower beds is not going to be enough. In fact, if you do not put any thought into the landscaping, it could easily turn into an eyesore. Planning out the landscape is necessary in order to create a cohesive design that can easily change the outcome of putting your home on the market.

There are several things to consider when creating the design for your landscape, including trees, native plants, outdoor lighting, and fencing. You may also wish to consider adding a terrace in or a retaining wall if they fit into your landscape. All of these things must be incorporated into the design in a way that plays off the natural landscape. Highlight the good qualities in your yard while you distract from the bad. If you can be successful in your design, you will find that the value of your home increases greatly.

09 Jun 2016

Denver Flagstone Walkways

cls-10For Denver residents looking to add the perfect touch to their property’s landscaping setup, flagstone walkways are a terrific option. One of the best ways to make your property more inviting and convenient is to add easily accessible walkways that are attractive to the eye. Flagstone walkways are classic and aesthetically-pleasing, and have been installed by Denver-area property owners for many years with terrific results. This is one landscaping addition that just never goes out of style.

Flagstone Walkway Uses

At Colorado Living Spaces in Denver we are happy to install a wide variety of different size, length, and style flagstone walkways for our clients. No matter the type of property you have or the purpose for your walkway, we have the experience and dedication to get the job done just right. Some of the main uses for flagstone walkways are:

  • To lead from driveway to front door
  • To lead from sidewalk to front door
  • To circle a house
  • To make paths across a property
  • To divide sections of a property

No matter the use you have planned for your flagstone walkway, we will work with you to make sure your installation is executed perfectly.

The Classic Walkway

No matter if you’re simply creating a path to your front door or circling a pond in your back yard, a flagstone walkway is a classic addition that has never gone out of style. At Colorado Living Spaces in Denver we have installed countless flagstone walkways and look forward to doing the same for your property. If you want a stylish and classic walkway that looks terrific and stands the test of time, then a flagstone walkway is the perfect option.

08 Jun 2016

Denver Landscape Design

Creating Outdoor Kitchens

If you want to enjoy a home’s backyard more, then have an outdoor kitchen installed on a deck. Colorado Living Spaces is able to design flagstone patios or wooden decks that have easy-to-use outdoor grills. Instead of needing to haul a huge charcoal grill to a backyard, you can simply open the cover of a built-in grill to begin cooking tasty vegetables or chicken. Your family and guests can wait for their barbecued meals at a customized table that has comfortable benches and chairs.

Refrigerators and Cabinets

Not only can you prepare food quickly at an outdoor kitchen in Denver, but also, the builders can install gorgeous cabinets with drawers and shelves to hold the cooking supplies needed for everyday barbecue dinners or deluxe parties. In addition to cabinets, it is easy to have an outdoor refrigerator and freezer at your home’s outdoor kitchen. This makes it easier to have a party during the holidays because you can store beverages and foods near to the cooking and serving location.

Modern Cooking Equipment

In order to use an outdoor kitchen at anytime, have the architects at Colorado Living Spaces design a space that has a roof, lighting and bug zappers. You can have additional amenities added to the outdoor kitchen, including a bar for serving beverages, a sink with running water for washing dishes or a fire pit to keep everyone warm on a cool evening. No home is too big or small to have its own outdoor cooking area that has the most modern equipment.

07 Jun 2016
outdoord kitchen

Denver Outdoor Kitchens

outdoord kitchenOutdoor kitchens have increased in popularity among homeowners, and they can offer you a number of benefits. They increase the size of your living space and are a great way to entertain guests. Cooking outdoors also help you save money on your utility bills during the summer. Because heat isn’t being generated inside, the air conditioning won’t turn on as much. In a practical sense, building an outdoor kitchen can be a great investment. Their popularity means that buyers will pay more for a home that has one.

Once you’ve made the decision to get an outdoor kitchen, there are a few factors to consider about space. If your patio area is small to begin with, you may need to expand it order to fit all of the features of an outdoor kitchen. You’ll also have to take into account how close the existing patio is to the house because you’ll need to run gas and water lines.

There are a number of features you can include in an outdoor kitchen, including a built-in grill, stove, seating area, refrigerator, and sink. You could also include amenities like a television or fireplace. What parts you have installed will partially depend on your budget, so work with your contractor to create a detailed list of the costs.

When it comes to choosing the materials for your kitchen, you’ll probably want to stick to low-maintenance, weather-resistance products. Granite and stainless steel are a great option for countertops because they wash off easily. Concrete and granite blocks, meanwhile, are an ideal type of flooring to have outdoors.

06 Jun 2016

Create The Perfect Denver Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners across the nation are remodeling their homes to enhance indoor and outdoor living. Outdoor kitchens have exploded in popularity over the past few years while adding to the value of the home. The ideal outdoor kitchen includes enough space for entertaining guests outdoors throughout the year.

A patio cover is a must when creating an outdoor kitchen that is protecting from the weather. Food preparation and storage areas must be resistant to the weather. Electric hookups let you enjoy outdoor lighting and music systems.

Elements of the Outdoor Kitchen

Creating an outdoor kitchen may cost between $5,000 and up to $50,000 and depends on the elements you include in the space. The first step is to find a qualified contractor in your community that has a good reputation for workmanship. Your contractor will check to see if permits must be applied for in your community.

Planning is the most important stage of creating an outdoor kitchen. Choose a contractor that has a lot of experience building an outdoor kitchen. The typical outdoor kitchen is divided into four functional areas. These include hot zones for grills, cooktops, pizza ovens and more. The wet zone includes sinks and beverage tubs. Dry zones are the preparation and storage areas of the outdoor kitchen. The cold zone includes wine chillers, freezers and refrigerators.

Choose the outdoor equipment according to your budget. Make sure you have enough preparation room and counter space to make meals without having to go back inside your home. Consider extending the outdoor entertaining season by providing heating and cooling systems.

05 Jun 2016

Denver Landscape Design

Xeriscape Design

cls-15If you dislike caring for a home’s lawns, then it is time to contact us at Colorado Living Spaces to have a xeriscape design created for your property. The purpose of xeriscape landscaping is to have beautiful outdoor spaces that are easy to maintain. Landscapers select plants such as shrubbery, flowers and trees that require small amounts of water to avoid needing an irrigation system. With a xeriscape landscaping design, a property owner does not need to use a gardening hose to water the plants located on their lawns.

Plant Selection

To create beautiful landscaping that requires less maintenance, a property owner should select a knowledgeable designer who understands the types of plants that will grow in a particular climate. In addition, the landscaper must understand the type of soil on a property and consider its elevation level in Colorado. Despite having an easy to maintain yard at a home, you want it to be gorgeous and inviting. A property owner may want to add features such as picnic areas, gazebos or meditation locations.

Low Maintenance

Instead of planting grass that requires frequent fertilizing, watering and mowing, a landscaper from Colorado Living Spaces might create flagstone pathways or patios on the majority of a lawn. A property owner might prefer to have areas that are covered with gravel or cedar mulch along with a few carefully selected plants that remain green without needing watering frequently. A landscaper can use a computer software program to create several xeriscape designs to help with selecting one that meets your requirements.

04 Jun 2016

Landscape Design Specialties in Denver, Colorado

gardenLife in Colorado can be beautiful, invigorating and fulfilling. If you’re a Denver resident who takes pride in your property, it may be the right time to begin focusing on your landscape. Landscapes that are beautifully maintained and well-planned can be eye-catching. They can make passersby look twice. They can communicate to the world that you have a passion for attractive outdoor spaces, too. If you’re interested in high-quality landscapes in Colorado, contact our prominent company as soon as possible. We’re enthusiastic about A+ landscape design service here at Colorado Living Spaces. Our seasoned landscape designers are talented, knowledgeable and committed professionals who aim every day to give our clients the stunning and meticulous landscapes of their wildest dreams. If the idea of a customized outdoor space fills you with a sense of unbridled joy, you can rely on our incredible landscape professionals 100 percent.

Our full-service company helps clients with all types of landscaping preferences. If you want a gorgeous outdoor kitchen on your property that’s a great combination of convenient and attractive, our design aficionados can accommodate you. If you want a lovely rock wall that can give your property a soothing and tranquil vibe, our landscape design experts can accommodate you as well. We offer many diverse landscape design specialties here at Colorado Living Spaces. Our many available specialties include xeriscaping, water features, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor lights.

If you need professional assistance with landscape design anywhere in gorgeous Denver, Colorado, get in contact with Colorado Living Spaces without delay. Our landscape design expertise is genuinely unparalleled.