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07 Jul 2016

Denver Landscape Architects

CLS-4Landscape architectural design is a discipline that not many know how to do properly. Creating a great yard with the appropriate trees, foliage, and appliances takes a lot of work and consideration for it to function properly. Planting a few flowers here and there is not a large undertaking, but planting trees, drains, and grading is.

When you plan on landscaping your home, a good landscaper will work with you to achieve your goals. They’ll explain to you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your ideas, and they’ll design a plan for you to look over before they start. Vegetation and trees come to mind when landscaping, and an individual that’s unfamiliar with landscape design may choose trees and plants that are aesthetically pleasing, but not functional. Root systems of large trees may crack pipes or damage the foundation of your home, and other plants may attract pests or shed too many leaves. A professional landscaper will help you avoid these pitfalls.

In Colorado, rain isn’t as frequent as it is in other parts of the United States, but you should still talk to a professional about how to keep water away from your home. Landscapers understand how water moves and what the best course of action is to prevent the ground from getting too saturated after a storm. A landscape designer may suggest a different irrigation system, new gutters, grading, or barriers to deter water from going into your home. This is important to understand as water damage can be very expensive, or worse, could destroy your home.

05 Jul 2016

Denver Landscape Architects

Couple concerned about lawnOnce you have decided to hire a landscape architect, you naturally want to ensure you hire the best firm to handle your landscape design. When hiring a landscape architect, it’s always important to make sure you go local. Along with reducing travel time, hiring a local Denver landscape architect will also reduce response time for project development and management.

Take care to choose a landscape architect who will perform a site analysis as part of the planning phase of your project. Every property is unique and possesses its own ecosystem. A professional landscape architect will have the knowledge and skill to understand the various facets of your property and its inherent ecosystem to create a beautiful landscape design.

A professional landscape architect should be able to answer your wants and needs while including the ecosystem characteristics of your property to create a beautiful, functional landscape design that you will enjoy for many years.

Cost is also an important part of any landscape design, so choose a landscape architect who will work with you create a landscape design in keeping with your budget. Through extensive experience, your landscape architect should be able to provide you with a project budget range while walking you through the bidding process to ensure your project comes in on time and on budget.

Finally, make certain the landscape architect you hire is also able to provide project management throughout the completion of the landscape project. This includes working with landscape contractors and installers. This will help to ensure that should any problems arise, they will be handled quickly and effectively.

03 Jul 2016

Denver Landscape Design Specialists

garden2Have you always dreamed of having the most enviable lawn in your Denver neighborhood, but simply do not know where to start? Hiring a professional landscape designer can help you to achieve your dreams.

As a trained professional, a landscape designer can give you a fresh perspective and work with you to create your dream lawn. Rather than offering a cookie-cutter design, a landscape designer will consider the way you actually use your property and customize the design to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in a comfortable outdoor entertainment space or you want a space for your kids to play, your landscape designer will take your needs into consideration and create a functional, beautiful landscape design.

Along with performing a property and usage analysis, landscape designers also consider your maintenance needs. An in-depth knowledge of which plants work well together and their requirements, including sun/shade, soil, and water allows a professional designer to choose the right plants for your specific property and needs. This not only results in a beautiful lawn, but also one that will save you money and time. In fact, a professional landscape design could even help to boost your property value.

Hiring a professional landscape designer can give you the beautiful landscaping you desire without any hassles. All of the work is done for you. The designer will handle all of the details, working with you one-on-one on the design as well as coordinating the installation of plants. Your designer will also handle any problems that may arise in designing and developing your dream landscape. You can simply sit back and relax!

20 Jun 2016

Reputable Denver, Colorado Landscape Design Service

garden2Denver, Colorado is a stunning city that’s beloved largely thanks to its amazing natural scenery. If you live in Denver and want to do your part in contributing to its extraordinary beauty, focusing on landscape design may be a great path for you. People who are searching for excellent professional landscape design service in Denver can contact Colorado Living Spaces at any time. We’re a full-service local company that specializes in exciting customized landscape design. We also regularly assist our customers with installation work.

Our seasoned landscape design gurus can help you create a living space outdoors that truly defines your tastes and interests. Our professionals will begin by visiting your outdoor property and carefully evaluating it. After they do this, they’ll develop an in-depth design plan for it. They’ll then consult with you and find out what you think of these plans. If you’re happy with the plans and give us your “OK,” we’ll begin work on building your landscape immediately.

Our pro landscape design assistance is thorough and meticulous. If you want assistance in creating a Denver outdoor space that’s breathtaking, our landscapers have the knowledge and skills you deserve. They can help you decide which landscape design elements are most appropriate and flattering to your property. Examples of attractive landscape design elements that may be suitable for your property include outdoor kitchens, flagstone patios, arbors, decks and fountains. Xeriscaping may be a fantastic option for your property, too.

If you’re interested in fantastic professional landscape design service in Denver, call Colorado Living Spaces today for additional details.

19 Jun 2016

Beautiful Rock Walls in Denver, Colorado

stoneswallIf you want a rock wall for your Denver, Colorado outdoor space, never fear. The team at Colorado Living Spaces is available to assist you whenever necessary. Our company’s main focuses are landscape installation service and landscaping design. If you’d like to beautify your yard in Denver, few things can compete with the magnificence of a rock wall. Rock walls have been staples in the landscape design world for a long time now. People have introduced rock walls to their outdoor spaces to boost natural ambiance. They’ve introduced rock walls to make their outdoor spaces look and feel more comforting and inviting as well. If the idea of a soothing Denver landscape piques your interest, you should contact the landscaping experts at Colorado Living Spaces.

Rock walls can indeed serve many purposes. Some people invest in rock walls to make the borders between their yards and patio sections significantly more obvious and clear. Rock walls can be great for many practical purposes. They can be great for many aesthetic purposes as well. That’s why these features are becoming more and more popular in the landscaping design world with each passing day.

Colorado Living Spaces can help you with all types of landscaping requirements. Rock walls are just one specialty we offer. Our landscaping pros can also assist you with xeriscapes, landscape lights, water features, flagstone patios, decks, stone patios, arbors, outdoor fireplaces, paver patios and much more. Get in contact with the staff at Colorado Living Spaces as soon as possible to request more information on our excellent rock wall services.

18 Jun 2016

Denver Landscape Design Assistance

If you live in a city as stunning as Denver, Colorado, you should take full advantage of your situation. Denver is a wonderful metropolis for people are fans of fresh air, recreational activities and landscapes that are just plain breathtaking (and far from plain). Maintaining a lovely property in Denver doesn’t mean that you have to have a green thumb, however. It doesn’t mean that you have to be some type of landscape design genius, either. All you actually need is the assistance of a reliable local landscaping business. That local business may just be Colorado Living Spaces. If you want to customize your outdoor property and help it live up to its full potential, our diligent landscapers can assist you 100 percent. Our seasoned landscaping professionals can help you attain the immaculate property you’ve always wanted deep down inside. Colorado Living Spaces has been a respected business in the region since it was established in 1996.

We provide our clients with so many options in landscape design elements. We often recommend outdoor kitchen installation to people who regularly entertain guests outside. These kitchens can add a level of convenience to peoples’ lives. They can also make outdoor spaces appear significantly more appealing than before. Other prominent focuses our landscaping design company offers include rock walls, flagstone patios, water features, outdoor lights and even xeriscaping. If you want to increase the safety of your Denver outdoor property, beautiful outdoor lights may do the trick for you. If you want to increase your property’s serenity and tranquility, the addition of water features may be a truly lovely choice.

17 Jun 2016

Denver Landscape Design

CLS-3Professional Evaluations

If your property’s landscaping is looking outdated, then contact Colorado Living Spaces for an evaluation of a building’s outdoor spaces. Professional landscapers know how to design a yard to help a home or business look its best while also providing a place for children to play or adults to cook a meal on a grill. Because your property may already have some great features such as large trees or a rolling hillside, make sure to hire landscapers who can use these features when adding new designs to a lawn.

Computer Images

A landscaper can add a deck to a backyard or plant flowers around a front porch that adds value to a business or home. When you contact Colorado Living Spaces, they can send a designer to your property to measure the outdoor area and look at the current features such as outbuildings or fences. This designer will use a computer software program to design a property’s landscaping while considering the building’s siding and rooftop colors.

Landscaping Installations

You might learn that it is easy to add gorgeous stone pathways from a building to a garage or driveway. Alternatively, a designer can show you how a property might look with a water feature such as a fountain. Additional items that a landscaper can install include gazebos for shade while having a picnic or a fire pit to sit close to in the autumn when temperatures begin to drop. In addition, a landscaper can choose foliage that is perfect for your property’s natural sunlight.

16 Jun 2016
stone wall

Denver Rock Walls

stone wallIf you are looking to add some nice landscaping touches to your property, there are many different options to choose from. One great option that many homeowners overlook is adding rock walls along your property line or within your yard to section off different areas of your landscaping setup. Rock walls add a vintage, classy touch to any property and will last for many years if installed properly with the best materials. These walls also require very little maintenance, making them perfect for homeowners looking for a great landscaping addition without a lot of hassle. When it comes to unique additions to your property, they just don’t come more useful or durable than with rock walls.

The Rock Wall Experts

At Colorado Living Spaces in Denver, one of our specialties is the installation of rock walls on properties. We work with each one of our clients on an individual basis so that we fully understand their needs and expectations for their walls. We will survey your property and offer our expert suggestions and advice for your job. Once we are on the same page, we will get right to work in executing an expert rock wall installation that will make your property look terrific and will stand the test of time.

The Best Materials

Our long list of loyal Denver clients knows that we use only the best products for our rock wall installations, always assuring that our installations last for many years and through all types of weather. A well-installed rock wall should last for as long as you own your property, and with Colorado Living Spaces you can be assured this will be the case.

If you are in the Denver area and interested in rock wall installation for your property, we look forward to hearing from you at Colorado Living Spaces.

15 Jun 2016

Denver Outdoor Kitchens

outdoord kitchenIf you are lucky enough to have a good amount of outdoor space at your Denver-area home and are looking for better ways to utilize it, then you may want to think about the addition of an outdoor kitchen on your property. There is truly nothing like entertaining guests outdoors with a nice cookout, and an outdoor kitchen will add major convenience to your setup. Not only will you have all of the needed materials close at hand, but you will have everything you need to cook them up without the need to duck back into the indoor kitchen and disrupting the festivities.

The Convenient Option

When it comes to convenience, you just can’t go wrong with an outdoor kitchen. You will have everything you need right at your fingertips, from cooking instruments to a fridge to a sink to wash dishes, all contained within an attractive space protected from the weather. You can now throw an entire dinner party in your outdoor space without ever needing to go back into the house. For families who love to entertain, an outdoor kitchen is truly a must if you’re looking to have a good time with no distractions.

The Outdoor Kitchen Experts

At Colorado Living Spaces we have been installing outdoor kitchens for our long list of loyal Denver customers for many years. We can work with any type of outdoor setup, always striving to install the most convenient and attractive outdoor kitchen that works the best for the clients’ property. We will listen carefully to all of your needs and expectations, then get to work installing the perfect outdoor kitchen that you and your family can enjoy for the long run.

14 Jun 2016

Denver Landscape Design

CLS-4For homeowners across the Denver region looking to bring curb appeal and a sense of personal satisfaction to their outdoor spaces, a designed landscape is the perfect way to go. Not only is a landscaped property pleasing to the eye, but it also allows for better enjoyment of your outdoor space. Unlike other home improvement steps which can disrupt your household for weeks at a time, landscaping can be completed relatively quickly, away from the main home, and will not leave a huge mess. When it comes to simple and effective home improvement measures, you just can’t go wrong with a designed landscape.

Call In the Professionals

At Colorado Living Spaces we have been providing our long list of Denver customers with top landscaping design services for many years. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, which is why we always aim to fully understand the vision of our clients before starting any job. We will listen to your hopes and ideas for your landscape, offer expert advice, and then get right to work on delivering the landscape of your dreams. This is what has made us the most trusted landscaping professionals in the region.

All Types of Landscapes

Colorado Living Spaces is happy to provide a wide range of landscaping options for our Denver customers. Just some of the options we offer are:

  • Xeriscapes
  • Flagstone Walkways
  • Flagstone Patios
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Rock Walls

No matter your vision for your property, you can be assured that we have the experience, dedication, and the state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right. We look forward to providing you the top landscaping design services we are known for.