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29 Sep 2015

Unique Landscape Design by Colorado Living Spaces

Denver Landscape Design

Unique Landscaping

No matter whether you have just purchased a home or have an older one, you can benefit from hiring a Denver landscape design expert. Professional landscaping can drastically improve the appearance of your home by augmenting a lawn’s unique qualities. A landscaper has specialized training to understand how to use the foliage and natural elements outside a building to give it curb appeal. Landscaping is not just for homes but also is essential for commercial properties and multifamily dwellings.

Specialized Features

Modern Denver landscape design is more than planting trees, flowers or shrubs because today clients want to create an additional room outside with features such as:

• Ponds
• Water fountains
• Waterfalls
• Rock walls
• Patios and decks
• Walkways
• Outdoor kitchens
• Fire pits

A knowledgeable landscaper is able to listen to your landscape design ideas while also offering a few suggestions to give a building a beautiful ambience.

Call Us Today

If you live in or near Denver, then it is time to call Colorado Living Spaces for a consultation about a home or business’s landscaping. Everyone receives a free quote concerning personalized landscaping that provides a gorgeous exterior by calling 720-569-0653. As a family-owned business since 1996, the professionals at Colorado Living Spaces have developed a reputation of excellence and have a fantastic portfolio to show to you before beginning a consultation.

27 Sep 2015

Dependable Landscapers in Denver

cls-15Dependable Professional Landscaping Services

If you’re in need of reliable professional landscaping services you can trust, there’s no finer alternative than Colorado Living Spaces. Our staff consists of talented and dedicated landscaping experts who are passionate about the work they do. If you wish to maintain a meticulous and beautiful yard for your residence or business, then Colorado Living Spaces can provide you with the work you’ve always wanted.

Some examples of the diverse landscaping services we offer our loyal customers are general lawn maintenance, aeration, yard cleanup, fertilization, weed control, drainage, grading, waste extraction, hauling, sprinkler installation, sprinkler upkeep, edging, ground cover control, mowing and disease and pest control. When the winter months come around and the temperatures are low, we even offer convenient snow removal service. In essence, we can take care of all of your residential or commercial landscaping needs here at Colorado Living Spaces.

Landscape design is yet another service we offer here at Colorado Living Spaces. If you envy your neighbors’ stunning lawns but don’t know how to get started in attaining one that’s just as lovely yourself, you don’t have to worry when we’re around. Our landscaping design work is detailed, nuanced and just plain wonderful.

If you’re looking for landscaping service that’s thorough, dependable and experienced, contact our company Colorado Living Spaces as soon as possible to receive more info on our work.

23 Sep 2015

Denver Landscaping Experts

Denver Sprinkler Installation
Denver Landscaping Experts

Anyone living in the Denver area who wants to make their lawn look impressive knows how important proper landscaping is. Unfortunately, it can be tempting for homeowners to take on landscaping projects they lack the expertise to properly complete. Some of the common landscaping services that homeowners may want to consult a professional about include gardening, landscape design, patio and walkway installation, and lawn irrigation.

Consulting a professional about landscaping can be beneficial because homeowners can learn about a whole variety of native plants, of which they may not be aware, that would not only look great in their yards, but will also thrive the most easily.

Landscape design is often left to professionals because they have a great deal of experience figuring out what works on any given property and using that knowledge to create a work of art with their customers’ spaces. Patio and walkway installation is often done much more quickly and much more inexpensively when professionals are brought in. Professional landscapers will also be better able to choose the right material to use in creating the walkway or patio for the area’s climate.

Lawn irrigation is another area where getting professional expertise pays off. Anyone who wants to keep their lawn looking vibrantly green throughout the growing season would do well to contact a pro to find out the best form of lawn irrigation for their property.

If you live in the Denver area and need help with any of these landscaping services, call Colorado Living Spaces.

21 Sep 2015

Denver Flagstone Patios

floor3A patio can be so much more than a bland slab of concrete. With the right design idea and the addition of stylish patio furniture, it can become a backyard oasis or the perfect space for entertaining family and friends. The selected material dictates the overall look of your landscaping.

Used for centuries, flagstone is a beautiful natural material that is ideal for patios. The organic shape and earthly shades of reds, blues, browns and grays enable designers to create a look that complements almost any architectural style regardless of whether the patio is large or small.

The rich gorgeous setting will reflect the uniqueness of each individual stone, as no flagstone pieces are alike. The durable non-slip surface can be installed in a repeating pattern to create a formal look or randomly for a rustic, informal ambiance. When installed correctly, this low-maintenance natural material can last several decades. It is resistant to rain and hot weather as well as the freeze thaw cycle.

If you have purchased a new home or are considering remodeling your current one, contact Colorado Living Spaces for more information on how to turn your patio into the focal point of your landscaping. Let our design team show you how we can turn your patio into a fabulous outdoor living space that will increase the value of your home.

19 Sep 2015

Designing the Perfect Landscape for your Denver Home

Garden stone path with grass
Garden stone path with grass

Landscape design is an asset to any property, especially if it’s on the market. Living with a patch of grass or undeveloped lawn space can be a little discouraging to a settled home owner, too. A good landscape designer will consult with the property owner first, then bring back a design that includes the client’s preferences. Then, the same landscape company will build the design as rendered without having to bring in too many subcontractors. The land owner can sit back and enjoy the view.

A homeowner’s lifestyle is an important consideration in planning a landscape design. If a lot of entertaining is on the agenda, the designer can create a plan to make guests comfortable in the outdoor space with room to mingle, if at all possible. Focal points can be made of stone, and if water is scarce, all the better. Gravel and stone seating areas define a property in an attractive manner while keeping people from walking on planted areas.

Some home owners prefer calm, quiet retreats with a soothing water feature to gaze upon and listen to as white noise. They want to sit back, have a beverage and let the relaxation begin. Sometimes, calm and fun can be combined.

Colorado Living Spaces has done all this and more since 1996. Call us soon, and we’ll begin. Enjoy your own living space!

28 Jul 2015


patio-fl_New[1]There are an incredible range of materials that can be used to decorate a patio or outdoor living area. For example, bricks and pavers are a common and affordable option, and some homeowners may choose to use stained and scored concrete in certain areas of their outdoor space. While these are lovely options to consider using in your yard, natural stonework can also add an incredible touch of class to your space. 

Stone is different from other materials that you may considering because it does have a more natural look to it. There are an extensive range of stone types, styles and sizes to choose from. Everything from flagstones that can be used as pavers to large blocks of limestone that can be used for planters, walls and more can all be used in your area. Some will combine different types and styles of stones together to create an aesthetically pleasing look. You can work with a design team to learn more about the natural stones that are available for use with your outdoor living area and about the different design possibilities for each one. Through this effort, you can more easily dress up your outdoor living area with naturally beautiful results.

28 Jul 2015


fireplace1_New[1]When you live in a cool weather climate like the Denver area is known for, you likely find yourself cozying up to a warm fire indoors on the cooler days of the year. While frigid temperatures are the norm during the winter months, even the spring and fall months may have brisk mornings and chilly evenings. The good news is that the cooler temperatures do not mean that you have to stay huddled up inside when you have a fire pit installed on your property. 

A fire pit is a gorgeous architectural detail that can enhance the look of your yard throughout the year. Many of these features are made out of gorgeous natural stones, and they improve the style of the space with incredible results. More than that, you can light a fire in the fire pit on cooler days to stay warm and cozy. The warm glow of the fire coupled with the heat the fire emits can make it enjoyable for you to spend time outdoors on cooler days. This is a great way to dress up your outdoor living area and to extend your enjoyment of the patio or outdoor living space throughout the cooler months.

28 Jul 2015


kitchen_New[1]Outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular in the Denver area, and there is good reason for this. Outdoor kitchens essentially provide you with a convenient place to prepare meals outdoors. They also serve as a valuable new addition to your space and a great area for entertaining guests. While you may be dreaming about installing an outdoor kitchen on your property, you may also have a limited amount of space to work with. There are a few design ideas that you can adopt for your smaller outdoor kitchen area.

An outdoor kitchen is an area where you can prepare meals outdoors, and it generally means that you need to have a small counter space for food preparation tasks as well as a cooking area. Ideally, you will have a smaller refrigerator as well. These various areas will take up space, but you may be able to create a design that takes only a few dozen square feet. For example, you can install a small cube refrigerator, and place a counter over it to serve as a work area. If you have a grill or a built-in cook area, consider looking for a smaller combo unit. For example, some of these units may have interchangeable features that allow you to use one component for stove top-style cooking and another component that transitions the cooking area to a grill. When you work with a professional outdoor design team, you may learn about other outdoor kitchen ideas that are well-suited for smaller spaces.