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15 Jan 2016

Xeriscapes in Denver

water-sprinklers-880970_640If you’re someone who is interested in methods that can help you conserve water, then you may want to learn more about xeriscapes. Xeriscaping, simply put, is a useful gardening and landscaping strategy that concentrates on minimizing H20 use. People who are concerned about the state of the environment often are big fans of xeriscaping.
People in Denver who are fascinated by xeriscapes and who are passionate about the idea of saving water and helping the environment greatly can turn to our full-service landscaping business for further assistance. If you want a beautiful landscape that also happens to be kind to the earth, our industrious landscaping professionals can help you achieve that with pure confidence.
This type of landscaping concentrates on a handful of fundamental ideas. These ideas include mulch use, suitable upkeep, proper irrigation practices, soil assessment and correct selection of plants. Our landscaping professionals will take all of those things into consideration to help you establish the stunning eco-friendly Denver landscape you’ve always coveted.
Xeriscaping is an excellent way to cut down on water use in your landscape. If the idea of doing good for the planet sounds appealing and exciting to you, then xeriscaping is something you definitely need in your life right now. If you want to learn more about xeriscaping and exactly what’s possible for your specific property, contact our reputable full-service landscaping design business as soon as you can. Our skilled and seasoned landscapers are knowledgeable professionals who will be delighted to answer all of your questions.
If you need xeriscaping assistance in Denver, Colorado, professional guidance isn’t far at all. Call our company without delay for more details on our work.

12 Jan 2016

Dependable Landscaping Service in Denver

lawnmower-384589_640If you’re in need of high-quality landscaping service anywhere in Denver, Colorado, you don’t have to worry. Our company specializes not only in A+ landscape design, but also in landscaping work in general. If you want your residential or business property to have a lawn that simply turns heads due to its sheer beauty, our skilled landscaping professionals can help make your wish come true.
When it comes to landscape design, our pros are masters. They use their imaginations to help Denver residents attain the flawless and attractive landscapes they never knew were possible. Beyond the creative aspect of landscape design, our professionals also are excellent at taking care of the dirty work, which is the actual landscaping. Some examples of the many diverse landscaping specialties our company offers are outdoor kitchens, stone patios, arbors, decks, landscape lights, paver patios, flagstone patios, water features, outdoor fireplaces and irrigation systems. If you enjoy entertaining family members and friends outdoors when the weather is nice, then you may want to consider our assistance with lovely outdoor kitchens and decks, for example. If you want to give your lawn a serene and soothing atmosphere, then you may appreciate our help with calming water features. The choices are practically unlimited.
If you need professional assistance in maintaining a gorgeous yard, we can help you with everything from mowing and leaf blowing to mulching and fertilization. If the weeds on your property are excessive, we can help you take care of that problem, too. Leaf cleanup, lawn aeration, bush trimming and edging, for example, are all some of our available services.
Call our respected landscaping company in Denver today for more information on how we can help you.

09 Jan 2016

Fine Denver Landscaping Assistance

turf-683971_640If you yearn for a lovely landscape but simply don’t have the time, skill or energy to handle all of the duties on your own, you don’t have to panic. We’re a prominent landscape design firm based in Denver, Colorado and we’re more than willing to help take care of your various landscaping concerns. In fact, we’re happy to do so. When it comes to lawn care, the landscapers who work for us are absolute pros. They’re experienced, seasoned and diligent professionals who are committed to landscape work that’s flawless and detailed.
We offer a vast selection of high-quality and dependable landscaping services. These numerous services include sod installation, planting, rock installation, debris extraction, tree planting, bush pruning, shrub pruning, edging, mulching, landscape cleanup and privacy screens. Whether you’d like a nice privacy screen that can help conceal your property from others or you’re interested in taking care of the shrubs around your home, our landscapers can help you. The landscapers at our company always take pride in their fine work.
If you don’t have a green thumb, you don’t have to resign yourself to a Denver landscape that isn’t what you always had in mind. If you want a magnificent landscape that’s clean, organized and well-thought-out, our beloved full-service company can always deliver for you, to say the very least.
Our goal is to make sure your landscape always looks as pristine and polished as can be. If you want to be proud of how your landscape looks, we can make it happen for you. Contact our landscaping business as soon as possible for more details on the best lawn care services available in all of Denver.

06 Jan 2016

Reasons You Should Get An Outdoor Kitchen

Ready to Grill Outdoors?
Ready to Grill Outdoors?

More homeowners are choosing to add an outdoor kitchen. If you do not currently have an outdoor kitchen, then there are a number of ways that you can benefit from getting one. Below is a list of reasons to get an outdoor kitchen:
Save Money On Your Energy Bill
If you cook in your kitchen a lot during the summer months, then you will most likely have a higher energy bill. The temperature of your home will rise drastically if you cook. That is why your air conditioner will have to work harder. However, if you cook outdoors, then you will be able to keep your home at a consistent temperature. This will help you save money on your energy bill.
Keep The Smell Outside
Many foods smell good while they are cooking. However, certain foods, such as fish, can fill your home with an unpleasant odor that lingers for days. If you have an outdoor kitchen, then you will be able to keep the odors outside.
Expand Your Living Space
When many people decide that they want to expand their living space, they add another room. However, adding an outdoor kitchen is an easier way to expand your living space. If you already have a back porch, then you can turn it into an outdoor kitchen. You can have a few minor renovations done and bring your kitchen appliances outdoor. 
Save Money On Restaurant Meals
Eating meals at restaurants can be a lot of fun. However, eating out frequently can drain your back account rather quickly. If you have your own outdoor kitchen, then you will probably want to eat at home more often.

03 Jan 2016

Xeriscapes In Denver, Colorado

succulent-804988_640What is a Xeriscape? How Does it Look?
A xeriscape is a type of landscape that focuses on creating a landscape from plants that require little or no supplemental water from irrigation or watering. A variety of other techniques are also used to minimize water loss and evaporation. 
Xeriscapes were used by Denver Water Company, in Denver, Colorado as a way of conserving water. A xeriscape often uses native plants that are found in region naturally and that can survive just on rainwater. Non-native plants that have very little water requirements and that are drought resistant are also used. Plants and trees with deep roots that can draw water deep underground are another favorite of xeriscapes. 
Other water conservation techniques used in xeriscaping include mulching to reduce water loss and evaporation. Highly efficient watering techniques are also used to promote deep root growth such as drip irrigation, spraying and bubble emitters. Rain sensors are often installed in xeriscapes to prevent watering after plants. Sprinklers and sprayers are designed to have larger droplets and to spray at an an angle to prevent water loss to wind drift. 
Colorado Living Spaces Will Help You Create a Xeriscape in Denver, Colorado
Colorado Living Spaces is a landscape design, construction and landscaping company based in Denver, Colorado. They are well versed in the principles of xeriscaping and are committed to helping their clients achieve an aesthetically pleasing xeriscape. CLS will take in account the location, geology and layout of your landscape and create a custom plan for a xeriscape at your home or business. Enjoy the many benefits of a xeriscape such as less water usage, less upkeep and knowing that you are helping to conserve natural resources. 

30 Dec 2015

Denver’s Most Trustworthy Landscape Design Service

brick-house-299767_640An eye-catching landscape doesn’t have to be out of reach for you. If you’re looking for reputable professional assistance with landscape design work in Denver, Colorado, we’re a full-service company that’s available. Our staff is made up of a group of highly talented and capable landscapers, all of whom are committed to excellence in their work. Whether you’re in need of landscape design for a residence or for a commercial property, our diligent and motivated professionals can save the day. 
If you call our Denver company for assistance with landscape design, we’ll send an expert from our staff over to your property to analyze the situation. Our company’s approach to quality landscape design service is always very individualized. When we look at your property, we focus closely on the things about it that stand out the most and then proceed from there. Our goal as a landscape design business is to always enhance the natural splendor of any existing space. If you’re looking for landscape design that’s one-of-a-kind and special, recruiting our services is something you’ll never regret. We have a true zeal for landscape design (and for landscaping service in general). That’s why the people who have worked with us adore the results they’ve gotten so deeply. 
If you could use some assistance in choosing plants that are appropriate for your landscape, working with us can be a fantastic idea. Our landscape professionals can help you make a lot of key decisions regarding your property. If you’re intrigued by landscape lighting, tranquil water features, fire pits, walkways and patios, our design pros can be a dependable source of guidance. 
Call us today for the most respected landscape design work in Denver.

27 Dec 2015

Deck Installation Denver

wood-926724_640Landscapers Design Wooden Decks

If you have always wanted a wooden deck installed around your home, then contact a professional landscaping company to design one. While many contractors building decks at homes offer only a few sizes and designs, a knowledgeable landscaper considers how the structure will look with other exterior elements such as pathways and shrubbery. It is possible to build a deck attached to the side of a home instead of in the backyard, or you might want one placed on a building’s rooftop. A Denver landscaping company has computer software to create multiple images of decks in order for you to see how everything will look in different seasons.

Build a Customized Deck

Instead of building a flat deck, you can request other elements such as decorative fencing and partial roofs to add to the beauty of your home. A well-made deck increases the value of a home because it is like adding another room for relaxing and entertaining. With a deck outside of your home, it is easier to sit outside without having insects crawling up your pant’s legs. You never have to worry about chair and table legs sinking into the ground after it rains because a deck’s surface offers strong support, and cookouts are faster on a deck because you do not need to clear away foliage before starting a fire.

20 Dec 2015

Increase the Natural Beauty and Value of Your Home


Contemporary Australian homeThe Benefits of Natural Beauty

Everyone can appreciate the natural beauty and serenity of the great outdoors. The world is full of marvelous sites, from tranquil beaches to majestic mountains. Recall a period in your life when you were filled with awe and appreciation for nature. From providing positive emotions to promoting physical relaxation, there are many benefits of immersing oneself in natural beauty. While it may not always be possible to physically visit these sites on a daily basis, consider the possibility of creating a setting of relaxing, natural beauty around your own home. In addition, more beautiful homes are generally valued at higher prices.

Let Us Promote Natural Beauty around Your Own Home

Our company provides full service landscape design and construction. With many years of experience in the Denver area, we have successfully perfected the art of crafting and building beautiful landscapes throughout the local community. Our technicians are experts at taking your specific needs and desires into account. We can accommodate all budgets and offer a range of financing options.

Contact us for a Quote Today

Call our offices to speak with a representative today. Alternatively, visit us in person to explore our portfolio of past landscaping work in the community. We are confident you will find something to increase the natural beauty and monetary value of your home.

08 Dec 2015

Denver Deck Construction

wood-691632_640There are few better ways to enjoy your backyard than with a deck added onto your house. In addition, decks often add value to your home when you want to sell it. Decks Denver is a full-service landscaping company that can take care of all your needs when building a deck.

Whether you want a large, elaborate deck that takes up half your yard or a compact one that uses little space, Decks Denver can do the work. We will come out to your home, listen to your wants and then examine the area to see if what you want is feasible. If it isn’t. we will suggest the best alternative. Some things that have to be taken into consideration when looking to build a deck are the slope of the land, drainage issues and where utility lines are placed.

Decks Denver will give you a firm estimate on the cost of the deck, will apply for any needed permits and will do its best to leave the area the deck is built on in the same or better condition. This includes not causing and drainage problems or exacerbating any existing ones.

In addition to decks, Decks Denver also offers a full suite of landscaping services, so in addition to a deck, you can get plants and scrubs installed or have other landscaping projects done.

17 Nov 2015

Xeriscapes Denver

bridge-53769_640First impressions are important, especially when it comes to the best presentation of a homeowners pride and joy. A home that might otherwise be considered somewhat ordinary can be transformed by wise landscaping techniques into a property with exceptional curb appeal. Although most homeowners probably do not have the knowledge and ability to create a landscape that stands out in the neighborhood, a professional landscape artist can help.

Many times the best landscaping plan can be accomplished over several years rather than all at one time. A detailed plan that begins with basic trees, shrubs and perennials should be drawn up and implemented before proceeding to subsequent stages. This method also makes the creation of a beautiful landscape more affordable while adding value to the property.

Although the real estate market has been somewhat stagnant over the past several years, home values are beginning to show improvement. Whether a homeowner intends to remain in their home indefinitely or list it for sale, its value and curb appeal can be increased through the use of creative landscaping. Property updates should include not only the interior of the home, but also extend to the outdoor living spaces. A professional landscape designer is able to help the homeowner create the best plan to fit with the size and style of their home, as well as provide the necessary information to properly maintain their newly updated outdoor space.