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30 Mar 2016

Flagstone Patios in Denver

cls-15A patio can be so much more than a bland slab of concrete. With the right design idea and the addition of stylish patio furniture, it can become a backyard oasis or the perfect space for entertaining family and friends. The selected material dictates the overall look of your landscaping. Used for centuries, flagstone is a beautiful natural material that is ideal for patios. The organic shape and earthly shades of reds, blues, browns and grays enable designers to create a look that complements almost any architectural style regardless of whether the patio is large or small. The rich gorgeous setting will reflect the uniqueness of each individual stone, as no flagstone pieces are alike. The durable non-slip surface can be installed in a repeating pattern to create a formal look or randomly for a rustic, informal ambiance. When installed correctly, this low-maintenance natural material can last several decades. It is resistant to rain and hot weather as well as the freeze thaw cycle. If you have purchased a new home or are considering remodeling your current one, contact Colorado Living Spaces for more information on how to turn your patio into the focal point of your landscaping. Let our design team show you how we can turn your patio into a fabulous outdoor living space that will increase the value of your home.

25 Mar 2016

Decks in Denver

fireplace1There are several ways to upgrade a home and make it more functional year round. One of the most popular options is to add an outdoor deck because of the numerous benefits this outdoor living space provides. A deck is easily furnished to create cooking, seating or children’s play areas. With the inclusion of a BBQ grill, table and chairs, the deck enables you to host a variety of events. In addition to extra space for family activities, social gatherings or just relaxing and enjoying the weather, a deck increases the value and aesthetic appeal of a home. Less expensive than many other home improvement projects, a deck offers a better return on investment, which makes them a great option for those on a budget. The cost of a deck depends upon its size and type of materials used. It also adds an architectural design element to a home, which makes it more visually attractive. Our design team can assist in creating a beautiful deck that blends seamlessly into existing landscaping. The deck may also make a yard more functional. A deck can be added quickly without disturbing interior living spaces, making it easy to live in the home during the project as opposed to the inconvenience associated with constructing a brick-and-mortar addition. For more information and a no-obligation quote, contact Colorado Living Spaces today.

20 Mar 2016

Get the Outdoor Living Space of Your Dreams

Gardener with plantsIf you live in Denver, you need a landscape design company that not only understands how to create an attractive landscape for your property, but one that can also provide you with the professional landscaping technicians to get the job done. It’s one thing to come up with the right design, it’s another to actually move that design from plans to a finished project. Fortunately, Colorado Living Spaces can help you create a space that fits your lifestyle and sense of style. Your ideal outdoor living space should start with a well-thought out plan. Colorado Living Spaces will start with an assessment of your property in order to determine the best plants, flowers and other landscape materials for the project. This is an exciting part of the process and clients are encouraged to share their preferences and vision for their finished landscape project. Balancing the client’s desires with the requirements of the property as well as the project budget is an important part of creating the right outdoor space. Once the landscape design plan has been completed, it is shown to the client for final approval. As a professional landscape design company, you can be sure that Colorado Living Spaces will not only take into consideration your overall vision for your outdoor space, but they will also bring a number of excellent ideas that you might not have even considered. By working closely with you, Colorado Living Spaces will develop an outdoor landscape plan that works with your property while also meeting your design style preferences. After final approval of the design, Colorado Living Spaces will bring the plans to life. This is a time when everything begins to take form. Clients will watch the transformation from design presentation to implementation. With experienced professionals handling your landscape design and construction, you can be sure you’ll have a finished project that will outlive the life of your home.

15 Mar 2016

Landscaping Help in Denver

CLS-6Anyone living in the Denver area who wants to make their lawn look impressive knows how important proper landscaping is. Unfortunately, it can be tempting for homeowners to take on landscaping projects they lack the expertise to properly complete. Some of the common landscaping services that homeowners may want to consult a professional about include gardening, landscape design, patio and walkway installation, and lawn irrigation. Consulting a professional about gardening can be beneficial because homeowners can learn about a whole variety of native plants, of which they may not be aware, that would not only look great in their yards, but will also thrive the most easily. Landscape design is often left to professionals because they have a great deal of experience figuring out what works on any given property and using that knowledge to create a work of art with their customers’ spaces. Patio and walkway installation is often done much more quickly and much more inexpensively when professionals are brought in. Professional landscapers will also be better able to choose the right material to use in creating the walkway or patio for the area’s climate. Lawn irrigation is another area where getting professional expertise pays off. Anyone who wants to keep their lawn looking vibrantly green throughout the growing season would do well to contact a pro to find out the best form of lawn irrigation for their property. If you live in the Denver area and need help with any of these landscaping services, call Colorado Living Spaces.

10 Mar 2016

Flagstone Denver

cls-15Decorative Flagstone One of the decorative items used by Denver landscapers to create a beautiful lawn is flagstone that is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Adding elements of flagstone to your home’s landscaping can give it a unique appearance. Flagstone is a natural material that splits into layers when stonemasons understand the correct techniques. This stone has been used for centuries to build structures such as outbuildings, fences and pathways, and today, it is an essential part of the landscaping at a property. Modern Features When you hire professional landscapers in Denver, they are able to use a computer software program to show you several designs for a home’s lawns. It is amazing how flagstone is used to create modern features such as fire pits, supportive columns and flowerpots that are useful and gorgeous. Adding features made of flagstone can increase the value of your property, making it easier to sell in a competitive real estate market. Beautiful Colors Most flagstone is a natural tan or gray color, but there are also unusual colors such as blue or red that can provide an interesting ambience for a home’s exterior. You can request to have a home’s porches or decks made from flagstone instead of cement or wood. To prevent erosion on a property, decorative flagstone is also suitable for building retaining walls.

05 Mar 2016

Superior Landscape Design Work

Word cloud for XeriscapingWhen you’re fed up with a lawn that looks unsightly, badly maintained and just plain uninspiring, it’s a sign that you need to do something. That’s why our landscaping Colorado Living Spaces exists. Our goal as a company is to help you achieve the gorgeous landscape design you always pictured in your head. If you want attractive residential or commercial landscape design work but don’t have a green thumb yourself or aren’t exactly the creative type, never fear. Our skilled and seasoned landscaping aficionados can do the job for you. When you recruit our landscaping pros for design work, we handle every single aspect of the project without exception. Paving, lighting, gravel, plants and irrigation are just several examples of the many elements of our landscape design services. When you hire our company to design your landscape, you can just sit back and relax and point us into the right direction. We love collaborating with our clients and helping them accomplish their visions of the ideal lawns or backyards, for example. As far as landscaping service goes, there’s no job too insignificant or too big and complicated for us here at Colorado Living Spaces. We’re knowledgeable and experienced in water features, xeriscapes, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and more. Contact our company today to find out what we can offer your landscape. We’d love to speak to you.

05 Mar 2016

Denver Landscaping Service — Rock Walls

CLS-4If you’re unhappy with the look of your property in Denver, Colorado, then you don’t have to sit back and take it any longer. All you have to do is contact our prominent landscaping company. We specialize in detailed landscape design and installation work. If you need professional assistance with designing a beautiful and meticulous landscape, we can provide it for you. Rock walls are just one example of a specialty we offer. Adding a rock wall to your property can help give it a soothing and cozy vibe that’s ideal for outdoor parties and other types of gatherings, for example. Landscape design isn’t the sole focus of our company. Once our landscaping specialists are through designing your landscape and planning where to place your rock wall, for example, they’ll move on to installing everything for you. When it comes to landscaping service, our professionals do everything. Customer service is something that’s very important for our staff, to put it mildly. Our goal is to make all of our customers happy with our meticulous services and attention to detail. If you want a lovely and sturdy rock wall that will truly bring out the beauty of the rest of your lawn, we can make it happen for you. Call our respected landscaping company as soon as possible for more details about what we do. We’re always happen to answer questions.

29 Feb 2016

Why Hire a Landscape Designer

designerMoving soil, planting green plants, and constructing flower beds are things that almost everyone can accomplish to some degree. The problem is that few people realize that landscaping is much more than that. Let’s examine some reasons that you should hire a landscape designer before you begin that next big landscaping renovation. 1. Budgeting Professional landscape designers regularly work within the confines of a budget. They make do with what resources they are allocated. If you want to ensure your project stays within your allotted budget, then a professional landscape designer is the way to go. 2. Solving Geological Problems Problems like irrigation, soil erosion, and water retention are just the beginning of the list of things you will have to worry about when designing your landscape. A professional landscape designer knows how to account for these problems while avoiding mistakes that can negatively impact your finished landscape. 3. Doing the Heavy Work When it comes to landscaping, we do more than just draw simple diagrams that state how things should be arranged. We specialize in doing the hard work, from aerating the soil to finishing the masonry for flowerbeds, for you. This lets you enjoy your finished landscape without feeling too exhausted. 4. Perfected Landscapes There is a fine line that separates a do-it-yourself landscape from one completed by a professional. Little imperfections or quirks won’t exist in the landscapes finished by landscape designers, as they know numerous techniques that can help them avoid potential problems. If you want a perfect landscape, then a landscape designer is the way to go. Making the Most Out of Your Yard Before you endeavor to tame your landscape by yourself, consider involving a landscape designer in the process. Your project will be more of a success while ensuring that it remains financially viable.

25 Feb 2016

Landscape Design In Denver

bridge-53769_640Landscape Design in Denver can add real value to your home. The curb appeal alone will make you proud of your new landscape design. Contact a professional for landscape design that takes less time and looks more professional than a do-it-yourself project. Most homeowners do not have the skills it takes to create a landscape design that is suited to their home. 
Landscape Design Tips 
The first step in landscape design is to become familiar with the style you want to create outdoors. This is best accomplished by contacting a professional landscaping design company for tips and ideas that suit your home. Professional landscaping service companies want you to be happy with the landscape they create since they want happy customers. You can also browse landscaping photos found online. When you find designs that you like, share them with your landscaping company. They will quickly let you know if the design will fit your home. 
Determine if you want shrubs, gardens and waterfalls in your outdoor landscape design. Look at photos of other homes that your landscaping company has created. This will help you determine if you will be happy with the company. Do not forget to ask many questions about the landscaping company’s terms. Figure out how much money you are willing to spend on your landscaping design. It is easy to go over budget when you are in the creating phase with your contractor.  
Be sure you understand the costs and any upfront payments that are expected from the landscaping company. A beautiful landscape is the place where you can entertain family members and friends while relaxing outdoors. The value you add to your home will be worth the cost of the project.

18 Feb 2016

Lovely Denver Landscape Design

CLS-5If you reside in Denver, Colorado and want nothing more than an immaculately beautiful lawn for your home or business, you don’t have to fret. Our leading full-service landscaping company can take care of all of your landscape needs, period. Whether you need help in designing your landscape or you need assistance in keeping your lawn trim and tidy, our talented and experienced landscapers are always more than happy to service you.
No matter what type of landscape you envision for your Denver property, we can aid you. If you picture something that’s majestic and relaxing, we can help you design a landscape that’s exactly that. Whether you’re a big fan of elegant water features, decks or anything else, we can give you exactly what you need. If you have images floating around in your head of an outdoor setting that’s ideal for parties and gatherings with the people who are most important in your life, we can help you design a landscape that’s absolutely perfect. Whether you’re interested in outdoor kitchens, in spacious decks or in roomy patios for hanging out and enjoying good conversation, the dedicated and hard-working landscapers on our staff can help you, to say the least.
We’re also experts in routine landscape maintenance. If you’re proud of your existing landscape design and want to make sure you keep your property looking as lovely as ever, our landscaping pros are at your service. Whether you’re in need of tree care, weed management, fertilization, edging or mulching assistance, our pros are on hand to help you.
Customer satisfaction is very valuable to our landscaping company. If you’re interested in great landscaping design work and friendly service in Denver, we’ll never let you down. Call us today.