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28 Jul 2015


fireplace1_New[1]When you live in a cool weather climate like the Denver area is known for, you likely find yourself cozying up to a warm fire indoors on the cooler days of the year. While frigid temperatures are the norm during the winter months, even the spring and fall months may have brisk mornings and chilly evenings. The good news is that the cooler temperatures do not mean that you have to stay huddled up inside when you have a fire pit installed on your property. 

A fire pit is a gorgeous architectural detail that can enhance the look of your yard throughout the year. Many of these features are made out of gorgeous natural stones, and they improve the style of the space with incredible results. More than that, you can light a fire in the fire pit on cooler days to stay warm and cozy. The warm glow of the fire coupled with the heat the fire emits can make it enjoyable for you to spend time outdoors on cooler days. This is a great way to dress up your outdoor living area and to extend your enjoyment of the patio or outdoor living space throughout the cooler months.

28 Jul 2015


kitchen_New[1]Outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular in the Denver area, and there is good reason for this. Outdoor kitchens essentially provide you with a convenient place to prepare meals outdoors. They also serve as a valuable new addition to your space and a great area for entertaining guests. While you may be dreaming about installing an outdoor kitchen on your property, you may also have a limited amount of space to work with. There are a few design ideas that you can adopt for your smaller outdoor kitchen area.

An outdoor kitchen is an area where you can prepare meals outdoors, and it generally means that you need to have a small counter space for food preparation tasks as well as a cooking area. Ideally, you will have a smaller refrigerator as well. These various areas will take up space, but you may be able to create a design that takes only a few dozen square feet. For example, you can install a small cube refrigerator, and place a counter over it to serve as a work area. If you have a grill or a built-in cook area, consider looking for a smaller combo unit. For example, some of these units may have interchangeable features that allow you to use one component for stove top-style cooking and another component that transitions the cooking area to a grill. When you work with a professional outdoor design team, you may learn about other outdoor kitchen ideas that are well-suited for smaller spaces.

05 Apr 2015

Fire Pit Installation in Denver

young brunette girlMany homeowners in the Denver area love to spend days and evenings outdoor relaxing on their patios during the warmer weather seasons, but they may commonly cozy up indoors when the weather turns chilly. Bringing a touch of warmth to your patio can help you to extend your enjoyment outdoors, and the perfect idea is for you to install a fire pit on your property. With professional fire pit installation service, you can easily create the warm environment you desire outdoors. Whether you choose to install a larger or smaller fire pit on your property, you will love this new addition to your space. Sitting by the fire on chilly nights alone under the stars can provide you with a pleasant moment of solitude, and you may also love bringing together family and friends around the fire pit. Your use of your patio space does not have to come to an end simply because the temperature drops, and you may find that you love heading outdoors on chilly days to warm up by the fire. There are many different style and design options available for you to consider for your home’s new fire pit, and we are ready to help you improve your patio space to your satisfaction by assisting with all aspects of the installation. This can be a welcome addition to your property that enhances its overall look and aesthetic appeal, and it also gives you the functional addition of an extension of your entertainment space. We want to help you create the perfect design for your space, and we offer professional installation so that you can start enjoying the use of your new fire pit soon. We utilize high quality materials and superior craftsmanship to ensure your satisfaction with your new fire pit. Contact us soon to set up a consultation with us about the design and installation process.